Middle Creek Campground

1164 Middle Creek Road
Buchanan, VA 24066
(540) 254-2550

Open All Year
Last Year's Rate
$52 to $60
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Type (Campground)


Pets Welcome
Pet Restrictions
Pet Restriction on Breed
Tent Camping Allowed


Total Spaces (85)
Spaces Available (65)
Width (25)
Max Length (40)
Gravel Sites (65)
30 Amp
50 Amp
Seasonal Sites
Full Hookups (20)
Water (45)
Electric (45)
Max Amps (50)
Pull-thrus (15)
Pull-thru Size (25 x 40)
Back-ins (25 x 30)
Site Length (40)
Fire Rings

Other Amenities & Services

Restroom and Showers

Recreational Facilities

Swimming Pool
Game Room

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Customer Reviews

Middle Creek Campground
Avg Rating 3.5out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5 stars  (2) Reviews
2 out of 5 stars   Avg Facility Rating
interior roads, sites, registration area, hookups, recreation, swimming, security, laundry, store and building maintenance...
2 out of 5 stars   Avg Restroom Rating
cleanliness and physical characteristics of restrooms, including interior construction, adequate supplies/odor free, adequate number of facilities, exterior appearance and location in relation to park spaces, and interior appearance.
3 out of 5 stars   Avg Appeal Rating
the park's setting and site layout, function and identification of signage, overall exterior building maintenance, noise, trash disposal, litter and debris around the grounds and sites, and appearance of grounds, sites and entrance area.


Reviews: 2
Helpful Reviews: 2
Good Sam Member

Date of Stay: June, 2020
3 out of 5 stars   Overall Rating
2 out of 5 stars   Facility Rating
2 out of 5 stars   Restroom Rating
3 out of 5 stars   Appeal Rating
Let me start by stating that the male owner of Middle Creek was very helpful however, the office staff is not knowledgeable of how hard it is to drive/park a 40ft motorhome. When making reservations back in March '20, I asked & was confirmed verbally for a full-hookup for a 40ft XSH site. I called a month later because I never received my email confirmation. When confirming my site again, they said the site they originally assigned me was not full hookup, and I told them that I had to have a full hook up. The girl said they had site #2 left which I again asked it would fit a 40 ft. XSH motorhome and they said yes. Arcadia Road that leads to the campgrounds is very narrow and is not ideal for larger motorhomes. When we arrived at the campgrounds, we hit a power cord that crossed over the road. In order to get to several of the sites, one must crossover a 9 to 10 ft wide bridge that has a crack in the cement covering the bridge. Site #2 was only 40ft deep with a shed sitting on the back of the lot and has such a high grade that we asked if we could have site #1. Site #1 could fit the motorhome with a little extra room and it didn't have the high grade as #2. I was informed that someone was coming in any minute with a 44ft motorhome. I asked again if they had any other site because I don't want to park my motorhome on that slanted lot. They were very condescending and told me big rigs park there all the time. It was 6:00 p.m., I had drove 6 hours with the last 40 minutes driving up a very narrow road to get there I was tired so we took the site. Between my daughter, niece and two great niece, we parked the motorhome by coming in sideways making several three point turns. My front wheels were totally off the ground by the time we got done leveling later putting boards under both the wheels and jacks. Site 2 should only have a trailer camper that is 30 feet or less. When my daughter and I went to settle up, the lady at the front desk said, "I can't believe you got that in there." Then they didn't even charge us correctly, my daughter kept correcting them and after all was done, they gave me $40 back in cash and not back on my card. When I went back at 7 to ask for help for wood and blocks, the two people in the office left right at 7. They didn't even come out to ask us if we needed help. Because everyone was upset, the office didn't give us any information about the park . . . no map, no wifi info, no emergency phone number. When I informed them about the power wire that I hit on the way in, they told be I had to call Dominion. The campground is nice. The pool was clean as was the pavilion. The pond that has the inflatables had some light green tint to the water and only two of us went in the pond. The inflatables were so hot that my great nieces burned her legs going down the slide. My daughter and nieces said the bathrooms were ok but the showers would run hot or cold depending on the stall next to you. We all took showers in the RV. There were three "camp" dogs running around freely around the park. One dog was so emaciated that you could see its bones sticking out of her skin. They would go around looking for food. The dogs very sweet but in need of a lot of care. We gave one dinner one night and it laid down to sleep on our rug. One night a lady riding around on a golf cart was looking for one of the dogs because she said he can get a little aggressive with campers little dogs. When I shined my light on the dog Ginger that was at our site, she said not that one but she is probably "knocked up again". Our neighbors in lot #1 came in a day later than us and left a day before us. They had a 5th-Wheel that was less than 35 ft long that would have fit in lot #2. I don't understand why they would not switch us. On Monday when we had to leave, my motorhome received about $1,000 worth of damage to the right back underside because of the slant of the lot. We tried to come off sideways and no matter what I did, I was going to suffer some type of damage. We had to stop on the flat road so we could put the mudflap back on because it got ripped off. While my daughter and I were underneath the RV, two teen age boys came by and asked if we needed help. We said yes and that we needed the owner. The male owner came to help us and was very kind. We told him about our concerns when we first came and that I really wanted lot #1 but was told no. He gave us all of our money back and was very sorry for our trouble and damage. While the owner and my daughter was working on the motorhome, someone had called the Sheriff/Animal Control. The officer stopped and asked us if we needed any help. He was very kind and tried to give us a couple pieces of chain to help reattached our mudflap. Good Sam members who have a motorhome larger than 30ft, this is not the campgrounds for you. My daughter had to drive in front of me on the way out of the park because of the narrow road to stop and warn anyone coming around the side of the mountain. The surround area was beautiful and we will be back but not to this campground.
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RV Guest_19606839

Reviews: 3
Helpful Reviews: 3
Good Sam Member

Date of Stay: May, 2017
4 out of 5 stars   Overall Rating
The staff was very friendly. We got a site next to the creek and even though the water drained through a large pipe that ran under the road, it was a nice sound of the running water. We had site 79 and with our 31 foot 5th wheel it was a bit of a challenge to get into place. Other campers said they went up the hill and turned around to come back down into their site. We heard there was a WiFi hot spot but not able to pick up any at our campsite even with a WiFi booster so it may be down at the front office.
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From Jct of I-81 & Rte 614 (Exit 168), E 5.3 mi on Rt 614 (Arcadia Rd), to Rte 618 (Middle Creek Rd), Note: Arcadia Rd becomes Jennings Creek Rd just prior to getting to Middle Creek Rd., ESE 1 mi on Rte 618 (Middle Creek Rd) to Campground. Note: Road is very winding & narrow but in good condition.

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