RV Rentals: A Popular Travel Option

Remember the last time you spent the night away from home? Did you enjoy a peaceful evening with the kids, perhaps taking time for a swim or a walk and then retreating to watch a family movie on your DVD or Blu-Ray? How about supper? Was it prepared to your liking when you wanted it? Were you able to relax, knowing you had control of your schedule and could be spontaneous with your plans? If this scenario appeals to you and you don't already own an RV, perhaps your next overnight family vacation should be in a RV rental.

When you rent an RV, you have the convenience and flexibility to make your own travel schedule. You are also able to avoid many of the classic travel problems: lost luggage, overbooked hotels, delayed or canceled flights, or costs that grossly exceed estimates. In a recent study by the University of Michigan Survey Research Center, RV owners cited comfort and convenience, freedom to go where and when they wanted and overall value as the top advantages of RV travel. For families traveling with children, these benefits help make a vacation more enjoyable. In fact, 92 percent of parents who own an RV said RVs are the best way to travel with the family, according to a study recently conducted by Louis Harris and Associates for Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Currently, more than 400 national rental chain outlets and local RV dealerships nationwide offer state-of-the-art, late model year vehicles for rent. It's also a great way to experience an RV first if you're considering buying one. Rent an RV at Good Sam RV Rentals today.

Good Sam RV Rentals Offer Flexibility and Options

According to the Recreation Vehicle Rental Association (RVRA), the rental segment of the RV market is booming with more dealers entering the business annually. And, according to a recent University of Michigan survey, greater industry growth is expected as consumer demand for RV rentals continues to grow. More than 20 percent of all vehicle-owning households surveyed expressed interest in renting an RV for a vacation in the near future.

Good Sam offers attractive rental options whether you’re a novice RVer or you’re a seasoned veteran. Don’t know how to drive an RV? No problem. Driving an RV requires no special license and is easier than most newcomers think. Automatic transmission, power brakes and steering are practically standard equipment in today's vehicles. With proper attention to the difference in vehicle size, height and weight, experienced car drivers will find it fun and easy to take the wheel of an RV. You can take your pick of travel trailers, folding camping trailers, truck campers and more. Good Sam’s RV rental service is fast and convenient, providing you with flexibility. Go anywhere you’d like with the convenience of a rented RV.

Because of the growing consumer demand for RV rentals, advanced reservations are recommended. RV rental dealers offer their customers instruction in operating rental units. Along with that, many RVs have the perfect amenities for your stay on the road. Some of them include pillows with covers, sheets, coffee maker, utensils and games for the kids. Be sure to check the list of amenities your rental will have.

If you are a Good Sam member you will receive discounts on each rental with 24/7 roadside assistance and $1M in coverage.

Once the vehicle and destination have been decided, you also select your campground if you desire or hit the open road to adventure. If you to stay at a RV resort, many offer swimming, tennis and other outdoor activities for your family. In addition to allowing non-owners to experience RV travel, rentals help prospective buyers determine which type of unit best suits their needs and helps current RV owners decide if they want to upgrade. They also are the answer for those who already know and enjoy the RV lifestyle but do not have enough leisure time to justify purchasing a unit.

For more information on Good Sam RV rentals or to rent a RV for your next adventure, go to https://www.rvrentals.com/ to get started.