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Does your RV have any exterior damage (including any separation / delamination)?

Has your RV ever leaked or had water damage (even if repaired) or are there any soft spots in the roof or floor of the RV?

Has your RV ever been damaged or impacted by a natural disaster of any kind?

Has the RV had after-market modifications or renovations?

Does your RV have any interior damage?

Has the RV ever been smoked in?

*Best offer or $1,000 - offer must be in writing and obtained from a licensed RV dealer. Written offer, which can include signed sales contracts and buyer's orders, must have been presented to customer within seven (7) days of submission to participating dealership and must include the date the offer was made, the year, make, model, mileage (if applicable), and vehicle identification number ("VIN") of the RV. To receive guaranteed trade-in value and/or appraisal, vehicle must be in same or substantially the same condition it was in at time of offer. All offers are subject to inspection. $1,000 cash will be tendered in the form of cash, check, or money order. Not valid in Louisiana. Void where prohibited.

^Payment will be tendered within 24 hours of completion of all sales documents, including but not limited to, a limited power of attorney to transfer title and loan payoff authorization (if applicable).

**All offers are subject to inspection and valid for 7 days from the date of written offer. To receive purchase price offer, unit must be in excellent condition. Excellent condition means that the unit looks new, is in excellent mechanical condition, needs no reconditioning, has never had after-market modifications or renovations and is free of rust. The unit has a clean title history and will pass a smog and safety inspection (if applicable). The engine compartment, if applicable, is clean, with no fluid leaks and is free of any wear or visible defects.