Sugar Loafin' RV/Campground and Cabins

2665 CR 4
Leadville, CO 80461
(719) 486-1031

Open May 12 - Oct 01
9,728 ft (2965.0944 m)
Last Year's Rate
$47 to $55
Card(s) Accepted
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Type (Campground)


Pets Welcome
Tent Camping Allowed


Spaces Available (68)
Width (30)
Paved Sites (13)
Max Length (120)
Grass Sites (55)
30 Amp
50 Amp
Side-by-Side Hookups
Big Rig Sites
Full Hookups (42)
Water (26)
Electric (26)
Max Amps (50)
Pull-thrus (7)
Pull-thru Size (30 x 120)
Back-ins (35 x 50)
Site Length (120)
Fire Rings

Other Amenities & Services

Restroom and Showers
Sells Fishing Licenses

Recreational Facilities

Rec Hall

Recreation Nearby (within 10 miles)

ATV Riding
Mountain Biking
Whitewater Rafting

Hunting Nearby (within 20 miles)

Season: Winter,Spring,Fall


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Customer Reviews

Sugar Loafin' RV/Campground and Cabins
Avg Rating 2.17out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5 stars  (6) Reviews
1.5 out of 5 stars   Avg Facility Rating
interior roads, sites, registration area, hookups, recreation, swimming, security, laundry, store and building maintenance...
1.5 out of 5 stars   Avg Restroom Rating
cleanliness and physical characteristics of restrooms, including interior construction, adequate supplies/odor free, adequate number of facilities, exterior appearance and location in relation to park spaces, and interior appearance.
2 out of 5 stars   Avg Appeal Rating
the park's setting and site layout, function and identification of signage, overall exterior building maintenance, noise, trash disposal, litter and debris around the grounds and sites, and appearance of grounds, sites and entrance area.


Reviews: 136
Helpful Reviews: 128
Good Sam Member

Date of Stay: September, 2018
2 out of 5 stars   Overall Rating
2 out of 5 stars   Facility Rating
2 out of 5 stars   Restroom Rating
1 out of 5 stars   Appeal Rating
The primary obligation for an RV park is to give you a flat, mostly level site to park on and reliable utilities to connect to. This park failed us on the first point. We have been to over 160 RV parks and site 31 at Sugar Loafin Campground is perhaps the worst site I have ever tried to park on. Not only is it not level both front to back and side to side, but it looks like a bomb site with potholes, high spots, etc. At least bring in some gravel and fill in the holes so that it's sort of flat. I looked at other sites and many of them look like site 31. Another thing I have never experienced is the per person, per day charge on top of the daily rate. So apparently the daily rate includes zero people. For each person that plans to stay there, you will be charged an additional $4 per person, per day. Given that 90% of campers will contain 2 people, add $8 per day to the daily rate. Enjoyed Leadville, not so much with Sugar Loafin. With taxes we paid just shy of $50 per day for a seriously sub-par site. No thanks. Oh, and there is no WiFi, seriously, $50 per day and no WiFi.
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Reviews: 17
Helpful Reviews: 16
Good Sam Member

Date of Stay: July, 2017
5 out of 5 stars   Overall Rating
3 out of 5 stars   Facility Rating
3 out of 5 stars   Restroom Rating
5 out of 5 stars   Appeal Rating
Even though there are some shortcomings with this facility and I don't think it has been updated since I first stayed there several years ago, it is the best in Leadville and I just love it! We stay here often. Nice staff, great location. This is a campground with character!
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Molly Bear

Reviews: 1
Helpful Reviews: 1
Good Sam Member

Date of Stay: August, 2017
1 out of 5 stars   Overall Rating
1 out of 5 stars   Facility Rating
1 out of 5 stars   Appeal Rating
Grounds are dirty, weedy, and cramped. Roads are potholed and dirt.
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Reviews: 1
Helpful Reviews: 1
Good Sam Member

Date of Stay: May, 2017
2 out of 5 stars   Overall Rating
1 out of 5 stars   Facility Rating
1 out of 5 stars   Restroom Rating
2 out of 5 stars   Appeal Rating
Very beautiful campground when we were there. Which was only a few hours. I set up the pop up being a single mom not an easy task took me a few mind you it was a cold snowy night went to plug in and the outlet was not working. I went to the front desk and let them know the girl said they had trouble with that outlet before right away the young guy says it was their rig not the outlet. I just asked if they could check it then he gave me third degree did you do this or that yes I did all the above it's not working. He let out an annoyed sigh and checked it of course blamed my rig. Even though it had all been checked before I left everything worked great. (When I got home plugged it in surprise everything worked). He said I can bring a heater and an extension cord for the night I said great. He never came back with it. I went back to the office then he claim they cant do that I could buy one I didn't want to buy one. But he was like o well the store closes in 5 min. So disappointed in his lazy attitude. It was so cold I knew my family and I could not stay in the camper so I took the camper back down by myself in the snow and head home at 10:30 at night no cell service pitch black snowy night. Made it to the highway and had to stay in a hotel for the night before we headed home. Very disappointed in their lack of service. Got home read the pamphlet it says they rent cords and heaters he was just to lazy to get it for us. I didn't expect him to help with set up or take down. But it would have been nice to let us rent the heater and cord till morning when we could see and find out what the problem could be. Nope he was just to lazy.
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OK Traveler

Reviews: 2
Helpful Reviews: 2
Good Sam Member

Date of Stay: September, 2015
2 out of 5 stars   Overall Rating
2 out of 5 stars   Facility Rating
2 out of 5 stars   Appeal Rating
We had a very dissapointing stay here on our trip to Leadville. First, the good: The area is absolutely beautiful! This campground sits along a county road, but traffic is light so vehicle noise shouldn't be a bother (it wasn't for us). The office staff are extremely friendly and helpful, I had no complaints with them (while they were there). Now for the bad: They pack this place like a sardine can! The campground claim of 30ft wide RV slots is a COMPLETE LIE. My awning was only a few feet away from my neighbor, and I was only two feet from the hookups on the other side. On top of extremely tight spots, the DIRT roadways are narrow, one-lane paths. This combination meant I had to ask one of my neighbors to relocate their TV for the night so I could leave early the next day. It would have been impossible to pull my 25ft TT out otherwise. Fortunately I had very nice neighbors! There no paved or graveled RV pads. They have a few with concrete runners, but the majority of them are plain dirt and they ARE NOT LEVEL. Make sure you have some leveling blocks with you, because the ground gets very soft when it rains (almost daily in the mountains). Lastly there is no camphost (not that I ever saw any way) which means there is nobody to enforce quiet hours. So if you have noisy neighbors, you are going to have to go talk to them yourself. I can't comment on the bathrooms as I have my own and didn't use theirs. Sadly, there are NO other campgrounds with hookups anywhere close to here, but I think boondocking or a NF campground would be a lot more enjoyable than going back.
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Mountain Ranger

Reviews: 1
Helpful Reviews: 1
Good Sam Member

Date of Stay: July, 2015
1 out of 5 stars   Overall Rating
1 out of 5 stars   Facility Rating
1 out of 5 stars   Restroom Rating
1 out of 5 stars   Appeal Rating
Campground was dirty, overgrown with weeds, and noisy. Trash was overflowing in all dumpsters.
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From Jct of US-24S & CR-4 (unmarked) (S edge of town at MP-177), NW 3 mi on CR-4, follow signs (R)

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