Choosing the Right Park

So, you are thinking about joining the millions of North Americans who enjoy camping and RVing each year, but you don't know what to expect? A whole new world can open up to you if you decide to try it. For many of us, RV travel allows us to venture to all points across North America. No matter where you decide to travel, you'll find campgrounds and RV parks located throughout North America that provide just the amenities and recreation you and your family want -- from small campgrounds to luxury RV resorts. And, as you will soon discover for yourself, the problem with the RV lifestyle is not having to search long and hard for a place you want to visit, but having too many places you want to visit. Public RV Parks & Campgrounds There are a variety of different types of campgrounds to choose from. Public parks include Federal Parks such as parks run by the National Forest Service (NFS) and the National Park Service (NPS). The Bureau of Land Management also provides great camping opportunities. There are also state, county and township parks that allow overnight camping. Many of these campgrounds are geared toward tent camping, but offer a limited number of hookups for RVs. Also included in public parks are military parks and Corps of Engineer parks. Some of these types of parks have restricted access, so its important to plan your trip accordingly. Private RV Parks & Campgrounds There are also a variety of private RV parks. Private RV parks and campgrounds range from smaller, less developed parks, to heavily developed RV Resorts. Read more about RV Resorts. Woodall's rates and inspects public RV parks and campgrounds on a scale of 1-5 W, based on the development of the park. Families will find campgrounds and RV parks nestled in or near the national or provincial parks, recreation areas, beaches, mountains, major tourist attractions and large cities. Wherever you live, there is an RV park/campground within easy driving distance. Like families throughout North America, campgrounds and RV parks come in many sizes and personalities. For RV travelers and campers, there's a park to fit every budget and wish list of activities. Some offer a wide range of amenities, while others provide the basics for a more rustic experience. When choosing a park, remember there's something for everyone. Today's privately-owned parks specialize in providing an environment where you can enjoy outdoor recreation without completely abandoning civilization. Some locations offer camping/housekeeping cabins or RVs and trailers available for rent. Some RV parks cater especially to adults and some are really "kid-oriented". On an RV/camping trip, families are not faced with the interruptions of routine home life, yet they have the comforts of home. RVing families are able to enjoy each other's company and kids are free to be themselves. RVing means every weekend can be a mini-vacation, allowing quick getaways with minimal preparation and planning. In addition to family fun, RVs offer parents an affordable vacation. Read more about types of RV parks.