Woodall’s Camping Life Green Tip #1

Green camping is easier than you think. You can begin the process of taking better care of our environment, while still enjoying all the wonders of the great outdoors, one little step at a time. One of those small first steps that can lead to a big change is to re-think the way you deal with a nasty subject—black water in an RV’s holding tanks. Traditional solutions involve harsh chemicals that dissolve the solid waste and help to keep things moving along smoothly through the plumbing system. While these chemical concoctions do the job well, they are also often highly toxic. One alternative that can move you toward a green camping experience while RVing is a new product from OP Products Incorporated of Riverside, California. Its Pure Power waste digester and odor eliminator contains an advanced solution of 100-percent biodegradable, non-toxic bacteria and enzymes which can safely, economically, and effectively maintain holding tanks and all related plumbing components. Pure Power’s solution of non-pathogenic bacteria, enzymes, natural surfactants and wintergreen fragrance actively breaks down the waste and eliminates nasty odors. This environmentally friendly formula will also enhance and increase microbial activity in septic systems and dump station facilities, further breaking down waste, so it’s good for your RV and for the waste management facility, too. Pure Power contains no toxic chemicals, heavy dyes or unpleasantly strong deodorizers and will break down even household two-ply toilet paper. And you don’t need to use much, so it’s economical as well as environmentally friendly. Just use two ounces of Pure Power solution for every 40 gallons of tank capacity to keep black water tanks clean and odor free. And it’s not just for black water tanks; Pure Power can be used to remove grease, food and soap residue from sinks and shower drains, and for gray water tank odor control, too. We tried Pure Power over the course of a weekend trip and found it to be all it was cracked up to be. There were no rude odors, just a mild and pleasant piney woods smell; it was easy to use; and it felt good using it, knowing we were not introducing any non-biodegradable toxins into the environment through our waste tank discharges. It’s available in pints, quarts, half-gallon and gallons. A gallon carries a $29.95 MSRP. Pure Power is also available in a handy tablet form. For more information and a list of dealers, contact OP Products: 800/411-8801; www.opproducts.com Read more articles on green camping. Search for RV campgrounds by state.