Las Cruses, New Mexico

The city of Las Cruses, New Mexico, is posing new restrictions on parking RVs on the owners property in that no RVs can be parked within 5 feet of the property lines. This will result in probably 70% or more of all RV parking pads will not comply with the new guidelines. Homeowners/RVers have invested thousands of dollars putting in RV pads only now to be told that they can't park there. In my neighborhood alone, there is only one RV currently parked on the RV owner's property that would be legal with the new restriction, while a dozen or more RVs would be considered illegally stored. All of the existing RVs being stored on owners private property are along side the house/garage and are behind the front line of the home, basically out of sight. There is a severe lack of secure RV storage in this area and what storage there is upwards of $200. per month. By contacting RV owners about this situation they were able to gain the support of a large number of owners to attend the meetings. They were able to persuade the council to leave the RV parking ordinance as is. There by proving that a large number of voters attending meeting is a successful approach to resolving RV parking issues within their city.