North Palm Beach, Florida

I am a Good Sam member and have been asked by other Good Sam members in the neighborhood to reach out to the council for some help. Our goal is to get the city to back off of selective code enforcement against RVs and not equal enforcing for boats.

It appears that after many years, that North Palm Beach, (NPB) has decided to start restricting RV that is over 10' and 30' long.

The code apparently has been around for many years, but has never been enforced. 4 years ago they quoted "they were outdated and boats and RV are all taller these days".

Before I purchased my Revolution, I went to the city to see what was required, and permitted and built to spec the fence, concrete swale access and really went all out with tie downs etc. No problems till yesterday.

So now I have received a call asking to come measure my rig, and the same officer that inspected 3-4 years ago stated, now NPB is enforcing the 10' rule. I ask what about the boat and she stated the village is only concerned with RVs.

Well there are 100’s if not thousands of us RV folk, that have constructed all the required screening. Now they are moving the ball and only on a select few?

In just walking 2 blocks yesterday afternoon we have about 20 people with RV that will become in violation if we don't act quick. All are understandably disappointed and ready to fight for our rights that we have had for decades.

This is a boating community and the decision to only enforce the code on RV vs. Boats is really wrong. I have both on the same property and only the only city concern is the RV? That is clear discrimination.

The RV industry is having enough challenges and we certainly don't want to drive many more of us out due to government regulations.

Many of could afford to move to a storage place, but a whole lot of my elderly neighbors on fixed income cannot.

Sec. 18-35. Recreational, boating and camping equipment and personal recreational use trailers; parking on residential property restricted. Recreational, boating and camping equipment in the form of travel and camping trailers, boats on trailers, boat trailers, motor homes, personal recreational use trailers including motorcycle and all terrain vehicle trailers and vans, designed and used exclusively as temporary living quarters for recreation, for boating, for camping, for travel or for other personal recreational use, may be parked in the side or rear yard, or within completely enclosed garages on sites containing a single family or duplex residence, subject to the following conditions:

  1. A maximum of two (2) pieces of such equipment at a time shall be permitted on a site.
  2. Such parking shall be limited to such equipment owned or leased by the occupant-owner or occupant-lessee of the site concerned. Exception: A guest of an occupant-owner or occupant-lessee may park this equipment in the front yard for not more than five (5) days in any fourteen-day period.
  3. The location for such parked equipment shall be in the rear yard or in the side yard to the rear of a line established by the front building line adjacent to the side yard where the equipment is located; provided, however, that on corner lots such equipment shall not be parked on the side yard which faces a public street.
  4. Such equipment shall, at all times, have attached a current vehicle license plate.
  5. When parked on the site, such equipment shall not be used for living or sleeping quarters or for housekeeping or storage purposes and shall not have attached thereto any water, sewer, electric or gas service connection. Exception: Guest equipment as defined in subsection (2).
  6. Such equipment shall not exceed the maximum length, width, height and weight permitted under applicable provisions of the motor vehicle laws of the State of Florida; provided, however, the maximum length shall not exceed thirty (30) feet and the maximum height shall not exceed ten (10) feet.
  7. Such equipment shall be secured so that it will not be a hazard or menace during high winds or hurricanes. At least four (4) hurricane ground anchors shall be available at each site for each piece of equipment where such equipment is stored pursuant to this Code.
  8. All such equipment, when parked in the side yard, shall be visually screened from the view of properties adjacent to the side yard and street rights-of-way with an opaque wall, fence, gate or hedge to a height of six (6) feet and to the length and width of such equipment. When such equipment is parked in the rear yard of a corner lot, the equipment shall be visually screened from the view of the side street right-of-way. Such walls, gates or fences shall be constructed in accordance with section 45-36(D).
  9. The village council finds that, as a matter of fact, recreational and camping equipment is a customary accessory use of the land in R-1 and R-2 zoning districts in the village.
  10. Such parked equipment shall not be used in the course of any commercial activity. For this purpose, commercial activity shall include any type of business or activity which is conducted on or off the subject premises.